6 thoughts on “Login to multiple Office 365 & Azure accounts at the same time”

  1. Thanks, useful. How do you manage bookmarks between these Chrome User Accounts? I’d like all my bookmarks available regardless of which user I am currently signed in as.

    1. I never needed to sync the bookmarks between Chrome User Accounts as they were typically specific to that user. One way you could achieve this might be to sign-in to each Chrome User Account with a Google account and allow the sync feature of Google Chrome to do this for you. By enabling this, I would expect Chrome to sync your bookmarks from one user account to another, albeit there might be a periodic delay.

  2. Just Brilliant!!! I am also a SP/O365 consultant and have been wrestling with logging out/in to different clients accounts. I have been seeking a solutions and, until now, there was none to be found! Your solution is very good, but truly MS needs to give those us engaged in O365 consulting a better option.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Glad you found this helpful – I still use this approach even to this day. The login experience has greatly improved since writing this where now it at least remembers other usernames you have previously. Authentication is hugely important and there shouldn’t be any shortcuts even for those needing to sign-in to multiple accounts.

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