The Wolf of Wall Street

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I started reading The Wolf of Wall Street as soon as I saw the film advertised on the TV shortly after seeing The Great Gatsby in 3D in the cinema. I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby and it seemed that this was a more modern version of The Great Gatsby in some ways. As it happened my partner had a copy on the bookshelf so I grabbed it and found myself struggling to put it down -although I replaced the paper copy for an eBook version to have on my iPad for easier reading.

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Wolf of Wall Street

So far I’m only half the way through and am thoroughly hooked. I’ve enjoyed reading what the Securities Industry was like when it first started out and what Jordan Belfort did with his fortunes (what seems an unspendable amount of money), from the finest Egyptian silk bed sheets and feeding his drug addictions at $1500 per pill to funding his wife’s latest interests and hobbies.

The whole story is just mind-blowing and I can’t wait to see the film now!






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