Command surface in SharePoint Online updated

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This post is part of SP14 Keynote highlights series where I provide some highlights of the next version of SharePoint. These highlights are from the SP24 Conference Keynote that Bill Baer delivered.

Updated Command Surface in SharePoint Online

The Command Surface that is available at the top of List and Library pages is being updated in SharePoint Online over the coming weeks. A message about this change has been available in the Office 365 Message Centre (MC4558) for some weeks now.

Command surface coming to SharePoint Online.
Command surface coming to SharePoint Online.

The change is intended to simplify access to common commands. The commands are now enlarged, include icons and there are additional commands to sync, edit, manage and share documents.

Close-up of the new command surface coming to SharePoint Online.
Close-up of the new command surface coming to SharePoint Online.

While this is not a new feature to SharePoint, it does demonstrate the continuous investment and development that is happening in Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Better still it is a further example that Microsoft is listening to customers – in this example, how commands were not easily accessible and hidden in the ellipsis menu.

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