Forms Based Authentication Configuration Manager for SharePoint

I’ve configured Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint on several occasions – from 2007 right through to 2013, but until now I have never discovered a life saving tool that Steve Peschka has written called Forms Based Authentication Configuration Manager (FBA Configuration Manager for SharePoint 2013) available on his TechNet Blog Share-n-dipity.

I’ve been there at least once or twice and I’m sure others have as well – where we’re happily modifying the web.config on half-a-dozen or more servers and as Steve so elegantly describes it, we “fat finger some random part of a web.config change” causing complete devastation to the running of SharePoint and to your progress. Well not any more my sysadmin friends, not any more not with this tool. It allows you to edit the connection string, people picker wildcard, membership provider, role provider details within the web.config for a specific web application. It then creates a backup copy and updates the web.config across all the servers in your farm through a timer job which is a really neat trick.

FBA Configuration Manager
FBA Configuration Manager

Having done this now on several occasions I thought I was pretty confident flying through the steps necessary within an hour or so…the occasional error would sneak in and then I would spend as long again troubleshooting the configuration. Steve’s Forms Based Authentication Configuration Manager has now completely removed the chances of any errors sneaking in and will make me even quicker configuring FBA in SharePoint. Thank you Steve!

Backup and download solutions in SharePoint from the configuration database

The need to backup or download SharePoint solutions or WSPs from SharePoint come’s up from time to time. This usually crops up for me when upgrading client environments and they have forgotten where they put their original solutions or there is a discrepancy as to which version they installed.

To download the solutions from the configuration database (or config db) run the following PowerShell script which will save all of the solutions from SharePoint to a directory (“C:\Solutions”).

[code lang=”powershell”]

## Download and backup deployed SharePoint solutions from the config database

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$dir = "C:\Solutions\"
$solutions = Get-SPSolution

write-host "No solutions found." -foregroundcolor Red
New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $dir -force | Out-Null
write-host "Saving solutions to $($dir)."

foreach($wsp in Get-SPSolution){
$name = $wsp.SolutionFile.Name
write-host "Solution ‘$($name)’ saved."

write-host "All solutions have been saved successfully." -foregroundcolor green
ii $dir


You can download the script here. Remember to review, rename and test this script before using it in a production environment.